Saturday, June 29, 2013

OSCAR PERRY IN ASSOCIATION WITH DIAMANTE ENGINEERING PRESENTS: HOME HONEY, I'M HIGH Exhibition Opens 18th April 6pm-8 at Westspace, Level 1/225 Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000 (03) 9662 3297 Zui Quan is a category of techniques, forms and fighting philosophy that appear to imitate drunkard's movements. The postures are created by momentum and weight of the body, and imitation is generally through staggering and certain type of fluidity in the movements. It is considered to be among the most difficult wushu styles to learn due to the need for powerful joints and fingers. While in fiction practitioners of Zui Quan are often portrayed as being actually intoxicated, Zui Quan techniques are highly acrobatic and skilled and require a great degree of balance and coordination.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Harvest Showdown For our launch exhibition Plinth Projects presents Harvest Showdown / Early Classics, Hits and Rarities, a project by Oscar Perry examining the death of ELO’s Mike Edwards and his associations with the Rolls Royce-collecting Indian mystic Osho. In 2010, Edwards, also known as Swami Deva Pramada, was killed on the A381 road near where he lived in Devon, England, when a 600 kilogram cylindrical hay bale rolled down a hillside and collided with his van.
Harvest Showdown/ early classics, hit and rarities. Plinth Projects

Sunday, November 25, 2012

photos by Christo Crocker